Download Kingroot APK to Root Android with One Click

The Kingroot APK is one of the most popular methods out there when it comes to rooting your Android device, and there is plenty of reason for it being that. Not only has it been around for a while, but you are provided with multiple methods in order to root your device. Not only you can use Kingroot to root your Android device while it’s connected to your computer, but if you’d rather use the mobile application version then you are able to root your device wherever you want to without having to connect your device to a computer.

Download Kingroot APK

While there are multiple methods available for using Kingroot, today we are going to focus on how you can use the Kingroot APK in order to root your device without having to connect your Android device to your computer. You can take care of everything from the palm of your hand and in a few simple taps.

Mobile Installation

Unlike using the computer installation method, you are not required to have your Android device connected to your computer throughout this process and you are able root the device wherever you may be. This method is without a doubt more convenient as you don’t have to have the device connected to your computer, although it is equally as effective as the alternate Kingroot APK method.

Before we jump into the main installation process itself, there are a few things that you have to ensure before you get into it. Here are the main things to make sure of:
– Ensure that your device has plenty of power left (at a very minimum, 50%)
– Having an internet connection is important and necessary, so make sure your device has one
– If you haven’t already got it enabled, head over to your “Settings”, followed by the “Security” option, and allow the installation of “Unknown Sources”
These are the 3 main things to make sure of before you get into the process and failing to do any of these things will prevent a successful rooting process. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in and find out how you are able to root your Android device using the Kingroot APK.

Kingroot APK and PC

Root Android with one click

Step 1: If you haven’t already done so, then download and install the “Kingroot.apk” directly onto your device. You can download this from the website.

Step 2: Once you have successfully installed the application, head over to your applications and open it up.

Step 3: Once the application is open, you will be provided with a few different options (one of which allows you to unroot your device in the future if you’d like to). Simply click on the “Start Root” option and the process will begin.

Step 4: The Kingroot APK will take care of the process for you and you will not be required to input any information. The rooting process should only take a minute or two before you are prompted with a green arrow showing you that the process was successful.

Once you’ve seen that the process was successfully, simply go ahead and restart your device and you will have full access to your device, all thanks to the Kingroot APK.

To Conclude…
Provided that you follow each of the steps accordingly and make sure that you’ve thoroughly prepared your device using the guidance above, you should have no problem rooting your Android device using the Kingroot APK and will be able to enjoy having full control over it.